World NeighborHood

darknet / hacktivist toolset

Who are 'we'

'We' are people from all over the world, with the same idea about the Internet and what the Internet could do.

What are the purposes?

There are three main objectives: first, we want to build a real free network, without country specific restrictions or anything else. We would make everyone feel free so we build services which are only reachable from the darknet and that's why they're not supervised by anyone.

We also try to help people who are exposed to the censorship of their state. Which be punished if they speak their minds, because of their government suppresses freedom of speech.

The last objective is to build a toolchain for activists, ngo's or any other group which need tools to communicate or collaborate.

How to became part of it? / How to use it?

We're working on full tutorials here for all ways to connect to the WNh. If you know how to setup OpenVPN for your System, here is the Client config for the OpenVPN way to connect.

If you think our services aren't reliable or trustable, feel free to grow your own and to asks for help, we already have some documentation that could be usefull.

Get in touch with us

find us in our webchat here #dn - webchat

Contact us directly

Term Of Services

Privacy Policy

We do not log and register any kind of more or less personal data.

If you do not trust us, fine, use fakes data (we encourage you to provides fake datas anywhereyou can)


Please be patient, more services will be available soon. The most services are only internal reachable.


We also have custom firmware images for various routers and could build additional for routers which are currently unsupported (ask Christian Neubauer if you need to request an image for a special Hardware).

Also we could help to set up, Hotspots for you. The Idea is to have access points to the network for clients (like Smarphones) which are not able to connect via VPN, to provide netfreedom, security, anonymity and a less censored net also for this devices and guests.

Free VPN

There are many ways to connect, even if most VPN's are blocked in your net, just ask on Chat or one of the contacts on the first page for that or find a solution on on of the Wiki Pages.



We say thank you ...

... to all people who spend their freetime with a project on WNh, to all who maintain servers anytime they could or give us access to their servers so the wnh could grow.

We thank all (h)activists on the ground who using our net and services.

our friends in datalove